Student-Staff Attendance Management

Student-Staff Attendance Management allows you to manage the attendance of school students and staff members. It allows you to keep a record of the student and staff attendance. Integrated with holiday calendar and leave management to cancel the attendance for that day. It can create you a report of attendance of student/staff for day/week/month and send alerts to one having low attendance in register.
Few of the services offered by the Attendance Management module are listed below :
Attendance management is carried out on the system.
Teachers can mark the attendance of the students online easily and comfortably.
The administrator can keep a note of staff attendance and keep a record of the same.
The system can keep a look on the staff attendance and carry out necessary operations in the payroll system regarding absence.
Various reports regarding students and staff can be generated and the useful statistical data can be created and saved for future use.
Student absence report can be sent to the parents through SMS or email.
Cumulative term, mid-term and annual attendance report can be generated.
Class-wise absence report along with date, time and reason for leave.
Integrated with holiday management module so that holidays are already assigned in the attendance.