Finance Management

Finance Management module allows you to carry out all tasks related to the finance of the school effortlessly making it simple and easy. Keep a record on the flow of money coming and going out of the school easily. This module allows you to manage all the financial calculations easily and automates many of the tasks like fees receipt generation, fees payment alerts etc as per your wish.
Few of the services offered by the Finance Management module are listed below :
Fully customizable fee structure to change fees according to different conditions and standards.
Carry out fee collection online with various methods.
Carry out and manage details of fine management carried out on daily basis throughout the year.
This module also has an integrated payroll system to manage the salaries of the staff and make pay-slips for all the staff members of the school.
You can also manage the collection of the funds through some cause or participation fees for a particular event.
Generate customized reports on daily basis for the accounts of the school and keep the record of the money flow throughout the year.

Student Fees Management

Student Fees Management Software
Define fee structure for students of different standards and streams and collect the fees of students.

Miscellaneous Charges Management

School ERP Solution
Allows you to create and collect extra charges for different activites and events happening in the school.

Staff Pay Roll System

Staff Pay Roll Software
Allow you to define and calculate the salary of the school staff members with ease and comfort.

Fine Management

School Management Application Solution
Allows you to keep a record of the fine collected through various agencies like library fee etc.

Accounts Management

Accounts Management Software
It allows you to completely wrap up the complete accounts department under one module.