School Academics

School Academics module allows you to carry out all the tasks required you to manage the school academics better and efficiently. All the activities to manage and enhance the management of school academics can be carried out very easily and fast. You can carry out all the office academic tasks like creating time-table, managing examinations etc. very easily.
Few of the services offered by the School Academics module are listed below :
Create customized timetables for different classes and manage subject and teachers according to their availability at the particular period.
Create a schedule of the examinations to be carried out on for different standards and different streams.
Manage the results of all the students throughout the year by just entering the marks of the students.
Generate report cards of all the students throughout the year by just few clicks.
Students can see homework assigned to them online though their login.

Time Table Management

Time Table Management Software
It allows you to create time-table for all the divisions and standards of the school.

Exam Scheduling & Result

Exam Scheduling & Result Software
It allows you to schedule exams for different standards and manage the results of the students of the school.


Homework, Assignment and Tutorials Software
It allows you to post homework/assignment details online to student who can see their homework for reference.